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lady gaga
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i went to look up coup de foudre (“love at first sight”) but i fucked up


i fucked up so much

i didn’t know it was possible to fuck it up this much

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that awesome moment when you finished reading a really good book and you see it at a store then you cunningly smile at it as if you had an affair with it.

#then you hover around it for a while #maybe stroke it #read the blurb

The horrifying thing is that this is true.

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These are gold.

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moukke is that you
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benedict cumberbatch hooooot sexeeyyyh waaaaaat
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I still die laughing everytime I see this scene 

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hahahahha scott pilgram vs the world
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can we talk about sherlock’s face when john says ‘i don’t mind’




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David, your Barty Crouch Jr is showing.

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yep definitely david tennant 10th doctor doctor who barty crouch jr
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four times Sherlock was alarmed by sex and the one time he wasn’t

sherlock johnlock sex gayyy
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misha!?! supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles
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It’s really hard to determine if you meant Dean is the gay best friend or Charlie.

I thought that too! XD

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hahahahah supernatural
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How dare you say I chose her, Sherlock. I had no choice. There was no choice. You took my choice away and by the time you brought it back it was too late.

And that’s all over his face right there. And Sherlock knows it. 

You know what I always think of with this scene? Is Donna and Ten, in Journey’s End: I was going to be with you forever.

That’s John’s face right here. I was going to be with you forever, but you left me. 

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no sherlock johnlock sherlock holmes john watson

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